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Alexander Galant



Depth of Deception (A Titanic Murder Mystery)

* Award-Winning Finalist in the E-Book: Mystery/Thriller/Adventure category of the 2012 International Book Awards

In 1982, a young woman in Edwardian clothing is found floating unconscious in the North  Atlantic with a boarding pass to the RMS Titanic. Meanwhile, in England, an  investigator named Callum Toughill is trying to clear his grandfather's name as he picks up the trail of an unsolved murder that happened in Glasgow back in 1909.


"Alexander Galant makes the past come alive in this spellbinding mystery."
- Maya Fleischmann for
IndieReader (5-Star Rating)

"Depth of Deception will keep you turning the pages, eager to see how the plots play out." 
- Barbara M. Hodges-
Straight Talk Book Reviews

Dracula The Un-Dead

Official Family Endorsed Sequel to Bram Stoker's classic novel

New York Times Best Sellers List - October 2009

Alexander was not only the historical researcher and ghostwriter, he also co-wrote the screenplay adaptation that was optioned briefly by Jan de Bont and adapted the novel into a dramatic stage reading for the Toronto book launch of Dracula the Un-Dead, which brought out the highest turnout for any event on the book tour.

HOOD - mockup art.jpg

Dramatic Action TV Series Pilot

 6th place in the 2018 Emerging Screenwriters Shoot Your Sizzle Competition

Quarter-Finalists in Screen Crafts Pilot Launch Competition.


When she learns that her father was murdered, Robin Loxley, one of the first women to become Special Forces, goes AWOL and teams up with a ragtag group of 'outlaws' living off the grid, in a battle against corruption in this modern Robin Hood update.

Camp X

A historical espionage drama series.

 Quarter Finalist (Original Television Category) for the original pilot script CAMP X – Final Draft® Screenwriting Contest, 2013


A British sailor and an American soldier compete in their training and for a woman’s affection at Camp X, a World War II secret spy school set up in Canada by the U.S. and Britain, unbeknownst to the Canadian government. If they can survive their harsh training, deadly instructors and each other, then they may stand a chance against the Nazis.

Same Crime Tomorrow

A short story

Ethan wakes up in a mysterious prison that forces its inmates to re-live their crimes every day. But Ethan has no memory of committing his crime, and suspects a deeper conspiracy.

Remember Me

A short story

Alexander is one of the authors in the EFD1: Starship Goodwords anthology by Carrick Publishing with his short story Remember Me.

It was originally written for a short story challenge for which writers were assigned a specific genre, subject and character, and had to use all three in their short story with a 2500 word limit.


Genre: Mystery   Subject: Pen pals   Character: a 10-year-old child.   Final word count: 2369.

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